Start your Agile Leadership Quest
and refresh your leadership


As an agile leader you want to grow. You want to move to the next level of your leadership skills.

Because you know that leading self-managing teams requires different tools, mindset and skills.

Start your personal agile leadership quest and find answers!

It's time to:

  • refresh,
  • reinvent,
  • and redefine leadership.


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  1. Fill in the quick scan. 10 minutes, 20 questions. For free. No registration.
  2. Download your report and discuss the outcome with others.
  3. Get help from agile leadership experts.


Peter Koning

Re-lead is a network of leadership experts, founded by leadership-expert and author Peter Koning.

Grow in your leadership skills with the practical tools and help from our books, quick-scans and advice.

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Peter Koning

Agile Leadership Quest is a practical tool to help you grow and refresh your leadership. As a leader you search for answers, you ask questions and you go on your own personal journey. It's your personal quest!

Agile Leadership Quest consists of the following tools:

  1. QuickScan - Get quick tips on how to improve. This QuickScan focusses on the structure and process in your organization. Are metrics customer focused, what's in place to improve the team ownership.
  2. Selfie - This tool looks at your behavior. Do you prefer to ask powerfull questions or do you give a lot of answers?

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About Quest

Re-lead is committed to help agile leaders grow. By reinventing, redifining and/or refreshing their leadership style

Besides the free Quests that don't require registration, we also create custom, specific assessments and questionnaires. That are tailored to your situation. For example:

  • 360º-feedback - what do others think of your leadership style? How can you become more effective?
  • Progress over Time - do the same tests after 3 months and see the progress.
  • Multiple teams - assess multiple teams and see how you can let them grow.
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