Agile Leadership 360


Below you see the questions belonging to this Quest. By answering these questions, you get your tangible insight on how you can grow.

This 360 feedback tool contains 8 dimensions and 3 questions per dimension.
After filling it in yourself, you can ask multiple peers, colleagues or others to fill it in too. This will give you insight in your strong points, your development areas and your hidden powers. The questions and dimensions are based on the book 'Agile Leadership Toolkit' by Peter Koning.

It focuses on:

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Team Ownership
  3. Learn faster
  4. Culture

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1: Customer Focus

How much focus is there on the value delivered to customers and users of the products and services? These are usually external.

1: I understand our customers thoroughly

2: I use the right metrics to track the customer value

3: I have a strong passion for customer value